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Content Integration is the process of collecting and providing access to all relevant (professional) information in a specific segment, through a single search system

  • Rechtsorde
    "For over ten years, MY-LEX® has played an inportant role in the continuous improvement of, thé information portal for lawyers and legal professionals in the industry and government."
    Berend Broerse (General Manager for Rechtsorde)
  • Dimpact
    "MY-LEX® offers our end-users an easy way of finding, using and sharing information. This enables them to work more efficiently and focus on their clients. That's what matters to us." 
    Martin de Bijl (Advisor e-services & innovation for Dimpact, e-government related cooperation of Dutch municipalities)
  • Dick Beekman
    "With MY-LEX® Government, we search and find information from multiple sources in one clear overview."
    Dick Beekman (Program Manager Working Digitally for Municipalities Deventer, Olst-Wijhe and Raalte)
  • Gemeente Den Bosch
    "Finding the right information can be tedious and take a lot of time. MY-LEX® offers our employees a fast search engine with access to relevant information from various sources." 
    Renate van den Elzen (Senior Project Leader for Den Bosch Municipality)
  • Verlag Dr. Otto Schmidt
    “Since 2000, MY-LEX® has been assisting us to provide our clients with state of the art e-publications, in the last 6 years through a series of MY-LEX® based portals.”
    André Schaper (Director Elektronic Publications for Verlag Dr. Otto Schmidt)
  • Gemeente Velsen
    “MY-LEX® Government allows our municipality to retrieve information from different internal systems and external sources, all through one portal.”
    Mark Hoogland (Information advisor for Velsen Municipality)

Our products

  • MY-LEX® Government is a content integration system developed specifically for Dutch governmental...
  • Switching to a new DMS? Often it is accompanied with a complex and unpleasant migration process....
  • Each website has a search bar to provide their visitors with access to all information on the...

A selection of customers in the past 30 years.


MY-LEX® 30 years

  • Founder Matt M. Moayedi is involved in the development of the current production process of Compact Discs.
  • Start of the development of CD-ROM search software.
  • Founding Europe Optical Disc, the first CD-ROM factory in Europe, by Matt M. Moayedi.
  • Production of the first electronic publication of Elsevier Science: “Meyler’s Side Effects of Drugs”.
  • CD-Europe introduces one of the first CD-ROM search software systems to the market, called CD-SEARCH®.
  • Müller Verlag (IT2Media) is the first European yellow pages publisher to produce directories on CD-ROM, with CD-Europe's search software.
  • Realisation of a series of first electronic publications in the Netherlands, a.o. for Sdu Publishers (Register Official Publications, up till now), VNG (LOCI) and NBLC (Literom).
  • Production of the first electronic publication for the United Nations division UNCTAD (World Trade Statistics).
  • Production of the “Results of the Uruguay Rounds” for the World Trade Organization in Geneva.
  • CD-Europe introduces "CD-Online" to the market; the first CD-ROM search software to be updated via an online connection.
  • Production of the first electronic publication for the EU Publication Office in Luxembourg (“Celex” (now EurLex) in 11 languages).
  • Production of TED online (European tenders) in 11 languages for the EU Publication Office in Luxembourg, Internet version  + 9.000 CD-ROMS a day.
  • Production of TED online (European tenders) in 11 languages for the EU Publication Office in Luxembourg, Internet version  + 9.000 CD-ROMS a day.
  • With the shifting of focus from offline to online development, the company's name changes from CD-Europe to C-CONTENT (“see” the “content” and not the publication platform).
  • The Dutch “National Yellow Pages” is published by "Gouden Gids" on 500.000 CD-ROMS using C-CONTENT search software.     
  • The Dutch "Van Dale" dictionary series is produced with C-CONTENT search software.
  • Development and delivery of a complete e-publication production platform for Wolters Kluwer Belgium for the production of dozens of online and CD-ROM titles (up till now).
  • Production of on and offline publications for the US Ministry of Defense (Defense Logistic System) in 13 languages including Korean.
  • After 4 years of development C-CONTENT launches eXtrect® (eXtensible Retrieval Technology); an XML based Enterprise Search Software system (up till now).
  • C-CONTENT starts the development of MY-LEX® universal content integration system and the first content integration solutions (up till now).
  • C-CONTENT introduces the first content integration system for the Dutch legal (and later tax and accountancy) market called (development up till now).
  • A consortium of national standards organizations from 24 countries changes to C-CONTENT's content integration system for their “Perinorm” standards platform (up till now).
  • C-CONTENT helps dozens of organizations to search in and retrieve their own content, combined with external (publisher & public) content in various content integration portals (up till now).
  • Demand for the legal/tax content integration system increases. This demand drives the supplier to the Top 7 position in the fastest growing technology companies in the Netherlands.
  • C-CONTENT celebrates her 25th anniversary.
  • Following an equity transaction, Sdu publishers acquires 100% of the shares of Rechtsorde b.v. from C-CONTENT and the holding company.
  • C-CONTENT introduces a new corporate identity, fitting both her existing slogan 'turning content into capital' and her new content integration activities.
  • MY-LEX® Government becomes THE “information portal” for professionals in the (local) governmental organizations, allowing them immediate access to their required information.
  • An expansion of MY-LEX® with a 5-module product-suite: MY-LEX Maps®, MY-LEX Intranet®, MY-LEX Appliances®, MY-LEX WebFinder® and MY-LEX Devices®.
  • Introduction of a new MY-LEX® Government module for Dutch municipalities: MY-LEX® Social Domain. An information portal for both municipality employees and citizens.
  • C-CONTENT and Dimpact (Ducth organization) have agreed upon a collaboration. All 35 Dimpact member municipalities will start with the implementation of C-CONTENT's MY-LEX® Government and MY-LEX® Social Domain portals.
  • Launch of MY-LEX® Government version 5.0 during the Government 360 Congres in April.
  • MY-LEX Appliance® is being used as managed hardware solution by many Dutch municipalites.
  • C-CONTENT launces a new, clear website that focuses on their clients.
  • MY-LEX Social Domein signs an agreement with 12 joint municipalities (NL)
  • C-CONTENT and NedGraphics work together to implement a joint connection for their clients
  • C-CONTENT celebrates her 30-year existence on June 30, a unique feat in the ever changing world of IT
  • Our MY-LEX® Government product suite is expanded with the new module: MY-LEX Legacy® for outphasing old systems.
  • C-CONTENT becomes MY-LEX®, after 19 years we will change our name and move to our new office on July 16, 2018!
  • MY-LEX and Dimpact (Dutch organisation of multiple municipalities) have prolonged their cooperation!
  • MY-LEX Legacy® proves to be a great success, after its introductoion we implement it for nearly each new client.

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