About us

MY-LEX® is a software development organisation that specialises in the development of content integration technology and solutions.


To offer professionals in a specific field immediate access to all relevant information, through one intuitive portal. Independent of time, user location, the amount or location of the retrievable documents.

Our mission shapes all our activities since 2004, when MY-LEX® started the development of content integration technology and solutions. With this, we hold on to our core mission since 30 years: “information retrieval”. What we used to do with one document collection, we currently do with a series of online and organizations’ internal databases. Always using our own advanced technology. To keep developing high quality products, we also pride ourselves on the recruitment of highly qualified and talented new colleagues who are as dedicated to our mission as ourselves.

Do you have any questions about the products of MY-LEX®? Or would you like to know how our content integration solutions can be applied within your organization? Sean and his team will gladly demonstrate this to you. Please contact them through sales@my-lex.nl or by phone on +31 (0)73 – 528 60 40. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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