C-CONTENT celebrates 30th Anniversary

June 30th, 1987: the foundation of C-CONTENT. Now, 30 years later, we celebrate this day in the Noordbrabants Museum in Den Bosch.

C-CONTENT 30 jaar jubileum noordbrabants museumThe day starts with an inspiring tour of the beautiful museum. The history of the Province Brabant, the riches of and battles for the area where the possibilities were endless. The French, Spanish, Dutch. The contrast between rich Rome and the sobre Northern countries. The city of Den Bosch has seen it all. From the Middle Ages to the IT focused society of today. Our guide takes us on a trip to discover the history of Den Bosch and Brabant, we get a little view of the 80's subcultures and finish with the impressive modern artwork of Chiharu Shiota. Now, the celebrations of C-CONTENT await us.



C-CONTENT 30 jaar jubileum spreker Dries van Agt

We move to the impressive State Hall of the Museum, where Mr. Dries van Agt, Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands in the early 80's, will speak to all present. A special moment. More so if you realise that the celebrations in this location are only possible because Mr. Van Agt, during his years in service as Royal Commissioner, had decided to end the use of this magnificent building as an official residence and have it serve as a museum.

In his own unique and eloquent manner of speech, Mr. Van Agt looks back on Europe and Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl, main force behind the unification of Germany. The first politician granted a European mourning service. Mr. Van Agt, who has always laboured hard to make the world more just, knows how to captivate and touch his audience. His speech makes for an inspiring start of these celebrations and it was an honour to be present.

C-CONTENT 30 jaar jubileum spreker Ton Rombouts Burgemeester Den BoschMr. Ton Rombouts, Mayor of Den-Bosch, sensed our feelings after Mr. Van Agt's speech and starts his lecture on a light note with some promotional images of the city of Den Bosch. Following Mr. Van Agt raises expectations which this accomplished speaker lives up to. In a whirling speech, Mr. Rombouts takes us past the importance of culture, sports and education to for the development, improvement and growth of society. He gives examples of small cities with big dreams to help their citizens, courageous individuals and clever children. Making a difference by dreaming and standing for your values. A beautiful journey that uses data and information as a basis for wider support.

C-CONTENT 30 jaar jubileum spreker Kees Breed VNGMr. Kees Breed, one of the Directors of the Dutch Municipality Union, talks about the changing role of the government, and the necessity of equal information positions. The importance of sharing information to enable participation. Information in service of society. A society that includes everyone. The government's role does not just revolve around cold data and paper legislation, it is about people. People who have the right to be heard, who must be heard.



C-CONTENT 30 jaar jubileum spreker Matt Moayedi oprichter C-CONTENT

The sessions end with the final speaker, Mr. Matt Moayedi, the man who with his vision and commitment has created one of the fastest growing IT development organizations of the Netherlands. From CD-Rom to content integration: search portals which provide access to all relevant infromation for a professional in a specific segment. Recently for a growing number of local governmental organisations in the Netherlands. His admiration for Dutch craftmanship resonates in the way C-CONTENT functions. 


C-CONTENT 30 jaar jubileum spreker Matt Moayedi oprichter C-CONTENT

A growing organization which focuses on the craftmanship of software engineering and providing excellent customer service. In a data landscape which content doubles in size every two years, C-CONTENT manages to grow along. For 30 years now. A period which parallels the existanse of the branch in which the organization operatios. Matt's colleagues, the craftsmen of C-CONTENT, ensure that the required information is quickly found, in a world where millions of items are put online on a daily basis. The end-users of C-CONTENT’s content integration solutions in their turn put the found information to good use, for a better informed society. The digital and physical world meet.


Filled with dreams of Europe and a participating society in both the virtual and actual world, we move on to the reception hall. There we are greeted with champagne and carefully prepared snacks by Maison van den Boer. Accompanied by the sweet sounds of the chamber orchestra we end the day with a good conversation.

C-CONTENT 30 jaar jubileum directie proost tijdens receptie

The 30th Anniversary of C-CONTENT. A celebration in style.

By: Chantal Fransen, One of Us


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