Jonas finishes Ironman Maastricht 2017

Ironman Maastricht 2017 cycling Jonas Hellqvist MYLEX

On Sunday August 6, Jonas Hellqvist competed for MY-LEX® in the Ironman triathlon in Maastricht, the Netherlands. An enourmous challenge, consisting of 3.5 kilometers of open water swimming, 178 kilometers cycling and finishing with running a marathon. C-CONTENT sponsored the triathlete in the year of her 30th anniversary because our own employees also give their best, every day, to produce and implement the highest quality content integration software.

Jonas started early in the morning, at 7:15 AM, with a swim through the Maas river. This took him only 1 hour and 5 minutes. The next challenge was the cycling track, hours of cycling along the countryside outside the city. If this was not enough, the final challenge was running a marathon existing of four 10.5 kilometer rounds through the historic city center. Jonas has impressively finished all three parts and truly earned the title of Ironman! 

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