Launch of our self-service portal


We proudly announce our recent launch of our self-service portal on https://support.c-content.nl. With this portal we increase the support options for our MY-LEX® Government clients.

The self-service portal is part of our TOPdesk support system and is available for all MY-LEX® Government users. The portal offers one central point of entry for our users to ask questions, make functional requirements and report problems. The self-service portal also allows you to login and add extra information to your alert and follow the process of your notification. Furthermore, an extensive FAQ section contains questions we are frequently asked by clients so you can quickly find the answer you are looking for. The portal will also show announcements of new releases and products.

The self-service portal is an extra tool we like to offer our clients in order to improve our support service even further. Of course, you can still contact us personally. If you have an urgent request or when you cannot find your answer in the portal, please contact our support team by phone (+31 73 528 60 46) or send them an e-mail (support@my-lexoverheid.nl). Progress on reports we receive by phone and e-mail will also be shown in the self-service portal.

If you wish to receive login details for our self-service portal, please send us a request by e-mail and we will create an account. 

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