With MY-LEX Devices® you can access your information anywhere, anytime and on the device of your preference, through native apps on mobile platforms such as iOS or Android. You can access all relevant public information as well as your organization’s internal sources on a tablet or smartphone. 

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The simplicity of content integration, anywhere, anytime.

MY-LEX Devices® allows you to find all relevant public information as well as your internal documents on a tablet or smartphone.

If your organization uses MY-LEX® Government, each user within your organization can download the App for easy access to all relevant documents on their tablets. The App is available for iOS and Android. The App includes all public websites in MY-LEX® Government as well as access to internal files through a secured connection, in accordance with your security policy.

The new version of MY-LEX® Government, version 5.0, is also responsive. This means that you can login to your regular MY-LEX® Government portal account on your mobile devices and use the portal as a web application. 


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MY-LEX Devices® offers remote access to your internal content, independent of time and location.

Fixed price per type of device independent of the number of end-users.

Access to all content from your various internal systems on your tablet.

MY-LEX® offers full support for the Devices, for reliability and the best service.

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