Find all relevant governmental information and save or share it with colleagues, through a single point of access. Retrieve relevant documents from your organization’s internal sources and public websites.

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Finding the right information can be devious and take a lot of time. MY-LEX® offers our employees a fast search engine with access to relevant information from variuos sources.

Renate van den Elzen (Senior project leader for Den Bosch Municipality)

Integrated access to all your organization’s databases

MY-LEX® Government is a content integration system developed specifically for Dutch governmental organizations. It is based on MY-LEX® universal content integration system and an excellent example of how an entire market segment can profit from content integration. It offers employees of for example a municipality, a single point of access to search all their relevant internal and external information sources. For an overview how content integration is applied, please continue reading. Interested in a content integration system for your own field of expertise? Please contact us or see the MY-LEX® page.

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Find, save, share

Finding the right information is often only the beginning of a task or procedure (taking up the relevant information in your own process). Therefore, MY-LEX® Government enables you to create your own dossiers. Here, you can save selected text fragments as well as links to relevant websites, documents or other sources (for examples of sources click here). You can then share the dossiers you created with colleagues within no time. 

Up-to-date knowledge

MY-LEX® Government makes it easy to keep updated on a specific subject or theme. The user can specify which topics are important. The software alerts you by email when a new publication becomes available and immediately shows it, making it easier for you to stay up-to-date on the latest news in your field of operation.

A proven solution, which runs within your organization following a swift implementation process and requiring minimum configuration.

MY-LEX® Government has a simple price structure based on the number of end-users (or residents).

MY-LEX® Government comes with over a 100 public (Dutch) sources. It also offers more than 20 connectors to various internal sources.

Our support department are on hand every day, to ensure the best customer service.

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