Switching to a new DMS? Often it is accompanied with a complex and unpleasant migration process. Because, of course ‘the old data’ needs to be migrated to the new environment. Your organization might have millions of documents saved with corresponding metadata and many authorizations. How do you ever phase out the old system? Practice shows: switching from one system to another is time and money consuming, and does not guarantee that all content is included in the transfer.

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MY-LEX® handles this differently. Instead of a complicated migration process, we simply use Enterprise search technology. Such an approach is also called ‘freezing’ the old system.  With the aim to completely eliminate the old system from the application landscape. Whether you would like to migrate from or to known government systems such as Corsa, Decos, Verseon, Zaaksteem.nl, GreenValley or Mozard, all information will be taken over by MY-LEX®. Data will be properly stored in open format, after which ‘old content’ will be disseminated in the new environment. ‘Migrating by indexing’ is the motto!

After all content and metadata with the corresponding access rights and authorizations have been migrated to the new system, the old system can be completely phased out including licenses and maintenance. This will result in a massive cost reduction for the organization. Indeed, the management burden of systems to be out-phased, disappears completely with this.

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MY-LEX Legacy®

As a response to various request by our users, MY-LEX has developed an extensive additional module to enable organisations to easily phase out their old systems, while retaining the source data that needs to be saved.

For more information please contact us or request a demo.

When all content has been transferred, the old system can be completely phased out. Including all licenses & maintenance.

MY-LEX Legacy® has a simple price structure based on the number of documents.

Complicated and time consuming data migration is a thing of the past.

Our experienced consultants and PM's offer their support, to ensure the best migration tract.

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