All local care information through one portal. MY-LEX® Social Domain answer all care related questions. Integrate your own content with associated local and national sources to help your employees answering your citizens' questions about care, income and other social responsibilities.

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All local care information through one portal

MY-LEX® Social Domain is developed by C-CONTENT for Dutch (local) governmental organizations. Since January 1, 2015, the Dutch municipalities are responsible for e.g. child and youth care, chronically diseased and elderly people. This causes an increase in the need of the municipalities to access the right and most relevant information from various Social Domain sources that, (until now) have been set up by others. The referral of a citizen to the right organization is essential to the functioning of this new system. 

MY-LEX® Social Domain answers these kinds of questions. A municipality can integrate their own content with related local, regional and national sources in order to answer questions about care and provide up-to-date and correct responses. Organizations are filtered by location and shown on a map, together with other relevant information. This can be a solution for a civil portal but also your customer helpdesk, back office professionals, legislators or suppliers of care.

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Collaboration with Stimulansz

MY-LEX® Social Domain uses advisory texts of Stimulansz as well as their thesaurus for better search results. Their advisory texts (as well as those of a municipality) can be taken up in MY-LEX® Social Domain. A municipality needs to have a subscription to the advisory texts of Stimulansz.

MY-LEX® Social Domain supports local government workers with a powerful tool to quickly answer specific questions about care.

MY-LEX® Social Domain has a straightforward price structure based on the number of end-users (or residents).

Integrate your own social domain content, information from publishers or relevant local and national sources for youth services, jobs and income and long-term care.

Our support department are on hand every day, to ensure the best customer service.

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