Each website has a search bar to provide their visitors with access to all information on the website. Unfortunately, many of these search bars do not function properly.

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Find, save and share all relevant (professional) information with one search bar

Turn the search bar on your website into a powerful tool for your visitors! Many regular websites contain a search bar that allows finding information within (the CMS of) a website. The result shows links to pages containing the requested word (or combination of words). MY-LEX WebFinder® turns the search bar on your website or portal into a powerful search tool. The product adds intelligent functionality to make finding the right information on your website faster and more user-friendly for your visitors. In addition, MY-LEX WebFinder® offers the possibility to search more sources at the same time next to your website’s CMS.

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MY-LEX WebFinder® properties

  • Provide your visitors with immediate access to the information they require.
  • Search your internal sources and add required external sources.
  • Can be integrated easily with your CMS (e.g. Drupal orTypo3).
  • Your existing interface stays intact. 

MY-LEX WebFinder® turns your search bar into a powerful tool to help your visitors quickly find the right information.

MY-LEX WebFinder® has a straightforward price structure based on the number of end-users (or residents).

One access point to your various (fragmented) websites and if required to websites of other parties.

Our support department are on hand every day, to ensure the best customer service.

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